Вот воистину никогда не поздно изменить свою жизнь и свое тело. Джоан МакДональд из Онтарио, Канада, доказала это как никто другой. После того, как врачи сказали 73-летней женщине, что ей придется сидеть на лекарствах, если она не изменит образ жизни, она такие решила измениться.

И всего за несколько лет она похудела на 30 кг и выглядит как настоящая фитнес-модель!

Поначалу было сложно. Джоан совсем не принимала себя и свое тело, не давала себя фотографировать. Но потом устала от чувства беспомощности и дискомфорта в своем теле.

Дочь Джоан занимается йогой, пауэрлифтингом, а еще она повар, потому грех было не помочь маме, когда та уже была готова к этому.

И вместе они сделали невероятное!

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Romanian Deadlifts! 😅😅 I do these to help strengthen my backside and really tone up my muscles. These are very hard, no doubt about it, and they aren’t easy to do right so I do recommend working with a professional. 🙏 I know I am very lucky to have a daughter and a son-in-law who are at the top of their fields. Every time I come down to Tulum to their gym I learn something new. 👵🏼 Here are my tips for mastering this exercise: 1) think of really tightening up your back and squeeze the back of your armpits, just like you are trying to stop someone from tickling you ☺ 2) get a nice, tight tummy and fill it up with air before you begin. I hold my breath as I lift the weight and only take a quick sip when I’m at the top 3)keep that bar on your legs! @jeanjacquesbarrett and @yourhealthyhedonista are really strict on that. If the bar starts leaving my legs, I can start to feel it in my back. 😬 4) really keep the back from rounding. I am thinking of keeping a “proud chest”. I have a naturally rounded back from old age but I’m hoping that with this exercise and others I can prevent it from getting worse. My own mother had a real “dowagers” back so I guess it’s partly hereditary. I’m no expert. Like you guys I’m trying to keep learning and to keep getting better. I work with people who really know what they are doing and I trust them to have my health as a top priority. I recommend that you also work with professionals. I know it is so hard to find reliable help theses days but word of mouth is a wonderful thing. If you want to tag someone who you feel would be a good coach or trainer for people, please do so and list the area they work in and the gym they work at. A little community effort can go a long way. 💕💕 . My favorite @womensbest pink seamless outfit Knee sleeves are by @sbdapparel . #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #bodybuilding #fitover70

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