За последние несколько лет тут и там чуть ли не каждый день появляются истории девушки или парня, а чаще — пары влюбленных, которые не выдержали скучных будней и работы с 9 до 5, продали имущество и пустились в путешествие вокруг света. Конечно же, они выкладывают в сеть фотографии мест невероятной красоты, куда нам и в ближайший отпуск не попасть.

Шанель Картел (Chanel Cartell) и Стиво Денбегер (Stevo Dirnberger) бросили работу и отправились в кругосветку. Они ведут блог How Far From Home, где раскрыли серую реальность таких вот приключений. Реальность, которую остальные солнечные и всегда улыбающиеся блогеры предпочитают скрывать.

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Ранее в этом году пара из Южной Африки попала в заголовки множества изданий, которые писали о том, что Шанель и Стиво отказались от высокооплачиваемой и стабильной работы в рекламе и отправились путешествовать.

Let's just say, my year is made and it's only the first day. A birthday to remember ❤️ #dirtythirties #noma

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Пара документирует свое путешествие в блоге How Far From Home, главная идея которого — узнать, как далеко от дома они могут забраться.

И конечно же, всем, кто сидит в офисе, эта история кажется волнующей мечтой.

Однако ребята захотели, чтобы их читатели знали, что, когда они не занимаются йогой на фоне заката на греческом пляже, они чистят туалеты за наличные.

В разоблачающем посте в блоге Картел написала, что они поняли, глядя на свои аккаунты в соцсетях, что фотографии отражают далеко не всю правду об их путешествиях.

«Мы хотели рассказать обо всем честно и без утайки для тех, кто рассматривает вариант кругосветного путешествия, думая, что все это лишь гламурная фантазия».

Sólheimasandur // Iceland Have you ever walked blindly into a flat open space, searching for something, but not knowing where to go? This happened to us in Namibia when we were searching for Deadvlei, in South Africa recently during a trip through the Karoo desert (check the #linkinbio for the full story) and it happened again, here in Iceland. There was some sort of a pathway leading to the wreck, but you couldn't see the plane until you got fairly close to it. Minimalistic landscapes like this are our absolute favourite, and this crazy wreck just adds to the scene. Note: we arrived at midnight and had it all to ourselves (for a few minutes) #midnightsun —————————————————- Tomorrow we launch a video that we have been working on for the past 2.5 years!! More details on tomorrow's InstaStories 🙌🏼 —————————————————- #howfarfromhome #iceland #dc3planewreckage

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Maras // Peru If you've been following our InstaStories this past week, you would've seen the BTS of the #DestinationDiscoveries Creator Camp in Peru w/ @theluxurycollection & @beautifuldestinations. Loads of Peruvian hotspots and memorable experiences (such as this sunrise shoot at the #Maras Salt Ponds) will be shared right here over the coming weeks, for all your wanderlustful pleasure 🌞💛 Let us know in the comments if you've ever been to #Peru 🇵🇪👇🏼 —————————————————- P.s. Some of you may remember (a few months back) @chanelcartell getting a dress made in Vietnam? Well, it was finally warm enough to wear it 😄 so here it is — what'd you think?! Of course not meant for pairing with sneakers, but hey #whenhikinginperu 👟👟 —————————————————- #howfarfromhome #beautifuldestinations #sp

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«На данный момент, я думаю, мы отдраили 135 туалетов, разбросали 250 килограммов коровьего навоза, разгребли лопатами 2 тонны камней, положили 60 метров тротуара, убрали 57 кроватей и даже не помню, сколько бокалов перемыли».

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Our (much longer than expected) long-awaited TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD online course is FINALLY live and available #linkinbio — can we get a couple high 5s please?!?! A little over 9 months ago we made a decision to create a juicy travel-crazy action-packed course that would both educate and entertain YOU, the travel-hungry want-to-quit-it-all-to-travel legend. After putting out a survey (to ensure we’d create a course that you actually wanted), we received some crazy feedback that gave us goosebumps. Thousands of you wrote to us, telling us about your dreams and ambitions. How your lives are currently “stressful”, “uninspiring”, and how all you want to do is “see the world”, “feed (your) souls”, and “live to the fullest”. Thousands of you dream of exploring Europe, Asia, South America (even South Africa came up a few times, so yay #ProudlySouthAfrican). Interestingly, you come from all over – Brazil, India, UK, Turkey, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and Australia. You’re teachers, engineers, students, copywriters, and nurses. Some of you are unemployed, and some of you run your own businesses. You’re passionate hikers, surfers, writers, and photographers. Some of you are curious to find out how to get on the road, and how to plan something so monumental. Some of you are just looking for inspiration and that final push to get you to do it. So, if you have been waiting for the course (or didn’t even know we were creating one), we spoke to your inner voice of wanderlust, and this is what he had to say: “The time has come for you to stop living your current life — the #HowFarFromHome course is LIVE”. P.s. there’s a 50% discount code hidden in our InstaStories — go check it out before it expires 📷 Shoutout to @craigrodney for today's pic 👊🏼 #travel #wanderlust

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Home // Tankwa Karoo // South Africa When driving along South Africa's "quieter" roads – you know, the ones that don't get the InstaLimelight because they're a little far from big cities like Jozi, Durbs or Kaapstad (all affectionate localized names featured, for your pronouncing pleasure) – you'll sometimes find a #padstal (loosely translated from Afrikaans as "road shop"). It'll be filled with local favourites like biltong, Cream Soda, and if you're lucky, jams and chutney preserves from the nearby farmers' produce. This particular padstal we found along SA's longest dirt road in the Tankwa Karoo Desert, and simply couldn't help but stop and admire the quirkiness. Thank you Karoo 😏👌🏼 —————————————- Just uploaded our latest vlog >> with all the Karoo Desert sand and silence #linkinbio 🌵☀️ —————————————- #howfarfromhome #southafrica #thisissouthafrica #tankwa #karoo

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«Весь комфорт и излишества мы оставили дома, в Йоханнесбурге, и столкнулись с жестокой правдой наемного труда. Теперь мы находимся на противоположном конце карьерной лестницы. Сейчас мы моем туалеты, убираем за собаками, работаем мерчендайзерами в продуктовых магазинах».

220 049km // Hoi An // Vietnam Our final pic from Vietnam, taken aboard a traditional bamboo basket boat, which we cruised in through the coconut palm canals. Before the crowds came it was really peaceful, but soon got a bit manic. Thanks to @thealeeb & @coreyth5 for joining us on this little mission and safe travels from here on 🙌🏼. Thank you Vietnam. Your food was delicious, your streets were busy, and your people were friendly. See you again someday, no doubt ✌🏼 —————————————- Cheers to everyone who read this far on yesterday's post and dropped some weird emojis 🙌🏼 —————————————- #howfarfromhome #vietnam #visitvietnam #vietnamcharm #hoian

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Однако, несмотря на изнурительный труд, Картел написала, что им все равно не хватает даже предметов первой необходимости.

203 204km // Queenstown // New Zealand Imagine climbing aboard a historical steamship, cruising along New Zealand's longest lake, then stopping at a farmhouse to enjoy a literally-something-for-everyone BBQ buffet (think grilled squid heads, home-made hummus and litchi sorbet), then hopping back onto the #TSSearnslawsteamship for a sunset cruise back that can only be described as 🙌🏼👌🏼🔥🔝 ———————————————- Latest blog post about how Christchurch made us homesick, is up on the blog (link in bio >> howfarfromhome.blog). Both hometown Jozi, and Christchurch, use creativity to cope with chaos. We 💛 that. ———————————————- #howfarfromhome #simplytrafalgar #newzealand #realjourneys #queenstownlive

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«Я не слежу за фигурой, весом и здоровьем. Но чуть ли не каждый день мы едим джем с крекерами, спим едва ли 5 часов и таскаем невероятно тяжелые рюкзаки в час ночи, пытаясь найти, где бы переночевать».

Но, по словам девушки, все трудности, с которыми они столкнулись, стоят того опыта, который они получают. «Ничто не может сравниться с тем фактом, что мы поменяли работу, где отвечали за миллионные проекты, на мойку туалетов — все это научило нас скромности и необходимости проживать каждый день так, будто он последний».

242 859km // Home Guys, we're home! After traveling 242 859km, we're home. We've decided to dedicate this post to every single one of you who have commented, liked, shared or just observed in the last two crazy years. Our journey started off with just the two of us, but now has hundreds and thousands of you supporting us. If we could individually thank you all, we would, but we hope this will do. Let us not forget to thank all the people we met on the road too! So many people gave us a place to stay when we had none, and many took the time out of their busy days to show us around their hometowns from a local's POV. We will never forget any of you, and if we ever have the chance to do the same, we undoubtedly will 🙏🏼 We can tell you it feels surreal to be back in our beautiful country 🇿🇦 and we will do our best to show it off. And for those of you wondering what's next… Well, we're working on How Far From Home 2.0 (which may be our most ambitious project yet). We have tried to summarize our learnings and future plans in our latest blog post >> see the link in our bio. As always, we will be sticking to our regular updates, starting off tomorrow with the first of our South Africa series and a collaboration with another talented artist. We will however not be counting kilometers as that project is now officially DONE. Onto the next! Cover photo by the legend @stefanbellika 🙌🏼 Music credit to the awesome @andrew_applepie 🙌🏼 #howfarfromhome

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«Когда мы отправились в путешествие, то обещали друг другу, что будем стремиться к приключениям, которые выходят далеко за пределы нашей зоны комфорта». Пара надеется, что их блог вдохновляет и других на поиск приключений.

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