Художник Маркус Левайн делает потрясающие картины из обычных гвоздей.

Сайт художника: levine-art.co.uk

Dominic North

Oak Sensory Sculpture detailed close up

Portrait of Jean Claude Van Damme “Nowhere to Run”

Detail of Jean Claude Van Damme face

Jean Claude Van Damme and I

This is me and Jean Claude Van Damme. He was down to earth and good fun to be with, he was very respectful of my Father and was truly impressed with the sculpture.

Dominic North

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Shadan is an Iranian contemporary dancer and model. He approached me and ask if he could work for me this is the result. I still have a couple of wonderful poses I’d like to turn into sculpture but time is always the limiting factor. Still I managed to do of him.


Al Pacino


Almanzor the 9th


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